American Academy of Nutrition - College of Nutrition

Diploma in Comprehensive Nutrition

Any educational program will require writing and communication skills.  Once again, with a 4.0 GPA, my abilities as a writer and diligence to pursue additional knowledge paid off.

Anthem College Online

Bachelors of Science - Business Management

At the age of 61, I graduated with a 4.0 GPA and all the accolades that go along with the three years of hard work. Every course was dependent upon my skills as a researcher and writer and my ability to communicate in an online atmosphere.

Stuff to Know

Cecil Community College

Associate of Arts - Business Management

Graduating with a 3.8 GPA, my first college experience opened up opportunities for me to express my talents and eventually become an entrepreneur.  I learned DOS.  That was my first exposure to computers.


United States Air Force

Administrative Specialist- Keesler AFB, MS

The fine training of the Air Force started my career that opened many doors in life for me.

Freelance Writer





Since this is not a job application, such a history is not necessary, however, it's probably a good idea if you know a little about my work history.

I started my first job in high school as a Certified Nursing Assistant and earned enough to buy my first car for $700 - a beautiful 1965 Mustang convertible.  I felt like I was on top of the world.

After high school, I enlisted in the United States Air Force and served as an Administrative Specialist.  Upon discharge, I worked in the medical field with several physicians in private practice.  I helped two physicians establish their practice and stayed until I decided to attend our local community college.  I received my Associates degree in Business Administration and my husband and I started our own businesses that we developed into successful enterprises for 28 years.

Four children, tons of adventures and challenges, several dogs and cats, two houses and four weddings later, we inherited four incredible daughter/son-in-laws and the dawning of the grandchildren stage began.  Who would have thought that such joy would come from this generation?  We had no idea how much laughter they would bring to our family.  Oh, yes, some drama too - we could have had our own reality show over the years.  I mean what do these other families have on us?  Nothing.

My husband and I, feeling the call of God, moved from Maryland to the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of Georgia where we currently reside with four Yorkies.  Now at official retirement age, our life is full and we are blessed, but we still have many dreams and visions to accomplish as we continue to develop into all that God created us to be in the Book that He authored about us.

I simply love to write.  While my career titles never included "writer", I have had many opportunities to pen my thoughts and the thoughts of others.  It's purely a gift from God.