Memories Made

Co-founder, Retail Engraving & Gift Shop

As our first venture in retail, we developed a retail establishment that included awards, plaques, trophies and other engraved gifts.  Helping customers express their thoughts on such gifts was my specialty and the part of this business that I loved the most.  Once again, my writing and communication skills were necessary to operate a successful enterprise.


S&G Peters & Son, Inc.

Co-founder & CEO

As chief cook and bottle washer of this small residential construction company, I performed most administrative duties which included writing employee manuals, contracts, proposals, and daily tasks of various sorts necessary to operate a successful contracting company.  We retired and sold this company in 2008.

Internet Entrepreneur, Trainer, Recruiter

As co-founder of this start-up company with my husband, the opportunities that I have had over the past 35 years to create, write and teach have been numerous.  I write ad copy, create curriculum for sales and leadership training, write and design Power Point presentations, write web content for our team and create various correspondences and scripts for sales and marketing and customer education.


American Academy of Nutrition - College of Nutrition

Diploma in Comprehensive Nutrition

Any educational program will require writing and communication skills.  Once again, with a 4.0 GPA, my abilities as a writer and diligence to pursue additional knowledge paid off.

North Georgia Technical College

Instructor - Adult Education, Blairsville Campus, GA

I offer a variety of subjects in the field of health and wellness - an area of interest that I have been pursuing since 1980.  Obviously, I create curriculums for my courses.


Anthem College Online

Bachelors of Science - Business Management

At the age of 61, I graduated with a 4.0 GPA and all the accolades that go along with the three years of hard work. Every course was dependent upon my skills as a researcher and writer and my ability to communicate in an online atmosphere.

Admissions Coordinator

Chatuge Regional Nursing Home, Hiawassee, GA

In this position, I have the freedom to create content and upgrade documents and procedures within the scope of my work.  Since stepping into this environment, I have enhanced the 100+ pages of the Admissions Packet with clean, concise copy and clear instructions.  I have organized the entire filing system and developed a Procedures Manual.  I have created a step-by-step document for the process of admitting a new resident.  In addition, I assist the nursing, social work and administrative staff with content as needed.

My Current Day Job


Freelance Writer



Cecil Community College

Associate of Arts - Business Management

Graduating with a 3.8 GPA, my first college experience opened up opportunities for me to express my talents and eventually become an entrepreneur.  I learned DOS.  That was my first exposure to computers.




United States Air Force

Administrative Specialist- Keesler AFB, MS

The fine training of the Air Force started my career that opened many doors in life for me.